Thursday, May 7, 2009

Now I'm crying over Manny being Manny

Ugh, I'm bummed. Last night my Carolina Hurricanes won game 3 of the series with Boston, and my LA Dodgers set the modern-day record with a 13-0 record at home to start the season.

And today I found out Manny is gone for 50 games.



Look, we have a great team, and we may still win the NL West, if for no other reason than we're playing the equivalent of three AAA clubs and a rookie-ball team. But still, it has to have an effect on the players to lose the guy for 50 freakin' games.

And he isn't even going to appeal, which says a lot.

He was tested and found to have elevated levels of testosterone, which led via paper trail back to a medicine called hCG, which is essentially a fertility drug. Thing is, it is also often used to reactivate the male testosterone-producers after a round of HGH (an illegal steroid that tests can't detect).

Maybe he really needed it for he and his wife, and we're all jumping to the wrong conclusion. Truth is, with Barroid still out there and no one able to indict him and his huge San Francisco melonhead, I don't think it much matters. My team is still going to go a loooooong time without Manny, and I'm now disappointed in a guy I really liked to cheer for. Maybe I'll be a hypocrite when he comes back and still hate Barry but love my guy again. I dunno. But I'm still bummed for the moment.

What does this have to do with writing, you ask? Hell, not much.

Except that somewhere Jeff Shelby, SD madres fan extraordinaire, is bound to be smiling.


dllas9293 said...

Don't forget a certain Angels fan that is grinning over the fact that the team both ARod & Manny kept wanting to play for didn't bother to even kick the tires. I like your team's chances of winning the division, but I'm anxious to see how he's treated when he returns. Something tells me it will be the same as last summer when he first became a dodger! Nothing right or wrong with either reaction! Unfortunately, it seems a natural part of pro sports to cheat!
However, I will admit that my only reason to even pay attention to your Dodgers is now gone for 50 games! See ya in July! Go Halos!!

jnantz said...

Yeah, and I am always going to have a love/hate thing with your halos because you took my favorite Dodger of all time, #14 "Sosh", and made him your manager. Oh well, good luck in any game not named "the freeway series"!

Jeff Shelby said...

It's like a week later and I'm STILL smiling...

jnantz said...

It's like a week later, and your team is STILL 8.5 games back....