Friday, May 22, 2009

It's been a while, since I could....

Hey gang. Been a week or so between posts. Sorry. I know your lives have been just as hectic as mine has, but I hope all is well. I'm stoked because two of my stories are now on the web, published in Pulp Pusher and The Flash Fiction Offensive, plus another coming soon in Spinetingler Magazine.

But this weekend is the big news. Memorial Day. Why is it big news? Because my wife and I get a break. A three-day weekend to catch up on grading, writing, and sleep.

Not necessarily in that order.

So what about you? What plans do you have for observing and honoring those who have gone before?

And remember, flags at half mast on Monday! Have a great weekend!


Lettera22 said...

Great stories, Jake! The missing HIV unit of blood was very diabolical! And I thought I was twisted with my character injecting her loser boyfriend with female hormones. (Uh,I came up with that before Manny did it.) I hope to find some time to write this weekend. Hope you will too. School's out pretty soon. That ought to make you happy!

Keith Rawson said...

congrats on both appearances! Both Rey and Tony can be hard editors to please.

jnantz said...

Jen, Keith, thanks very much! I had fun writing both of them, and was really stoked to get them placed. So how was Memorial Day? I was watching Cornell and Syracuse, and was heartbroken for Cornell in OT, but c'est la vie.

Karen from Mentor said...

"I could barely zip my jeans for all the gum"
OMG. I loved the whole story. I'm a FREAK for noire....

Love old b&w movies...this was awesome to read. Put me right in that mind set. With a big BUT (everybody's got a big but) I don't remember Bogart EVER having that much fun. LOL
Great piece.

jnantz said...

Thanks, glad you liked it!