Thursday, April 30, 2009

Rescue of the Week - Pearl ADOPTED

This is for those of you who want a loyal, affectionate, loving pet who will adore you every day. Pearl is the sweetest, cutest little girl you've ever seen. She's listed as a lab mix, but she shows very little of it in her appearance (looks more like a pointer/pit mix). Not only does she show absolutely no aggressive tendencies (even if food is involved, which is really good), but she literally went back and forth between my wife and I to be petted. Wasn't interested in toys, just wanted to love on us and rest her head in our laps. She seemes like she'd be wonderful with kids too.

***EDIT: Pearl has gone home with her new family!!***

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

What distractions tend to--Hey! Something Shiny!!!

Okay, I'm not the most dedicated writer, and I may never be. I can admit that. I write most every day. But I also have a few things (mostly family or school related) that take up time as well. Recently it's been the Hurricanes.

I can't help it, I'm a big fan of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Even moreso when the Canes play.

Now I'm an all-around sports fan, and I know a lot of writers are. There isn't anything wrong with that. But I feel guilty as hell sitting on the couch with my wife watching the Canes score with 0.2 seconds left to win a game they should have run away with (grumbleBrodeurgrumble).


Okay, that's not true. I felt guilty as hell AFTER the game was over. During the game, I was alternately cheering and chewing my nails with nervous energy. Oh, and storming off cursing when the Devils tied it in the 3rd.

But the thing is, I know writers always preach "write every day." I do that. I may or may not be a successful writer one day, I have no way to know right now. But should I be beating myself up over taking a night to rest, pretend i don't have stuff to grade, and just watch some playoff puck?

Am I becoming the lazy wannabe that writers snicker about? Or would they say, "Who cares? Why aren't you writing RIGHT NOW?!?" What (if anything) distracts you from your writing?

Monday, April 20, 2009

Rescue of the Week - Winken ADOPTED

This little guy is Winken! Trust me when I say he is as adorable a pup as you will find.

As someone with a Plott Hound mix at home, I can tell you they make FABULOUS (if slightly strong-willed) pets. They are affectionate and at the same time GREAT guard dogs. Plotts are bred to pack-hunt bears, so a prowler should be no problem.

One thing though, Plotts will bark, and it is a sharp, LOUD warning bark. So if you live in an apartment complex, you may need to check with the front office. Then again, if you aren't a high-energy person, you may want to pass because these dogs need lots of exercise.

Still, they are fantastic companions. And Winken is as cute a little hound as there is anywhere. Come play with him and see!

***EDIT: Winken has been adopted!!!***

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

So many wonderful choices, how do I choose???

It's now officially Spring Break starting today (or a truncated version of it, thanks Wake County scheduling...), and my wife and I are doing as much recharging of the batteries as possible. As such, I got nothin' for you guys.

So I figured I would find out a little about your process as readers for those writers out there hoping to woo you. How do you choose which books to read, to buy? What process, if any, do you go through? And what are the factors that may operate on your subconscious when you're looking?

See, I used to go with the Bestsellers only. I know, I know, but bear with me, okay? I was always playing sports, and didn't think I had time for reading when I could just as easily watch a movie in what free time I had between teaching and grading. So I didn't pick up a book unless it had hit the list. I guess I figured, "If everyone else liked it, must be good enough to occupy my time too."

I have a feeling a lot of the writers I know that read this blog are cringing or shaking their heads. Believe me, I'm embarrassed enough already, I promise.

I didn't know how fickle the industry, and the public, could be. So when I thought I'd give writing another try after years of beating myself up (see the high school writing teacher post for more details), I just naturally started without really having read much outside of Michael Connelly, Stephen King, Michael Crichton, and Jeffery Deaver.

The first version sucked. I mean REALLY sucked.

Then I found Miss Snark. And I started reading all over the web. I discovered a fantastic local writer - J.D. Rhoades, who was incredibly gracious and answered all kinds of newbie questions instead of turning up his nosethe way I figured any famous author would.

Then he directed me to another group of writers - the Murderati, which led to others - the First Offenders, the Outfit, the Kill Zone Authors, etc., and suddenly I had a shitload of new books to read before I started trying to revise my manuscript.

But the writing is what led me to Zoe Sharp, and Sean Chercover, and all the rest. I don't know that I would ever have found them otherwise.

And so what about you? How do you pick who is the next on your TBR pile? Is it as weird as my path? Even weirder?

Monday, April 6, 2009

Rescue of the Week - Reuben ADOPTED

This week's rescue is Reuben. He's a big lovable dog, and has already matured past his puppy years. He's okay with other dogs, but would be better with a dog whose play style fits his. He likes to lounge around a good bit and is very calm. Essentially, he's a big lap dog that would love to join you in your home!

Let's give him a forever home!!