Wednesday, August 26, 2009

And here they come...

Yep, the kids are back in school.


Honestly, I love the second day of classes (today) so much more than the first. The first is when we have all the admin crap we have to get straight, and it leaves very little time some days to teach an actual lesson (which they need so they get it in mind from day one that they are going to have to work...y'know, kinda like the real world we're preparing them for...)

So I'm actually really excited today. But yesterday was rough. I have to agree with the kids on this one: Summer ain't long enough some years.

So this question is for those of you who have kids, or are kids. What, if anything, does the start of the school year mean in your household? More time to write? Less time? No change whatsoever?


Basil Sands said...

My wife and I homeschool our two youngest kids. So the back to school time means to us a lot of the same as it does to you. Tons of admin work with the school distric and homeschool association, curricullum prep, activity scheduling. After that its busy-busy-busy until the end with projects, grading, scouts, lessons, sports etc, etc.

With Alaska's summer being so short and so bright all of the outdoors work and activities are crammed in a short period. Which leaves little or no time for writing. The school year though is only slightly less competitive with the writing schedule as I can at least write at night after the kids are in bed. Of course as my kids get older, that bed time gets later and the writing window shorter.

jnantz said...

sounds like you have quite a bit of stuff to cram into a small window of time. Best of luck in keeping up with it all!!

Sqrt(D) said...

Three of the four people in my immediate family are teachers. During the summer we often travel and work on various projects to keep ourselves occupied. The beginning of the school year is fairly drastic; we spend all of our time at school do little else for the first few months. Part of this is due to the fact that we are exhausted from all of our summer activities.

After the routine is firmly established, we have more time to spend reading and writing. I write persuasive and research work, and I am also a beta reader for a favourite fiction author of mine and get daily updates from her. Sometime in October I find the time to catch up.

jnantz said...

Sqrt, I know what you mean about getting the routine established. God, until that's been accomplished, not much else can be (it seems some days, at least).