Monday, June 29, 2009

Ti-i-i-ime, is on my side, yes it is....

God has a funny sense of timing, doesn't he? This past week/weekend has been a doozy. My wife had to deal with some pretty serious grief, and I was heartsick both because of it and for her. Then, we get some good news about her father's successful surgery, but the recovery is taking a while. And now, even with her back home for the day, the writing and editing is just dragging. So what happens?

I get another shot in the arm.

"Midnight on the Links", my third published short story, is now available in the newest issue of Spinetingler Magazine. Just found out about it today.

That feeling of "YES!" just never gets old, y'know? Special thanks to Jack Getze and Sandra Ruttan for taking a chance on me, as this was the first story I ever had accepted for publication.

(Oh, and JT? I swear I wrote that story well before I'd read the Killer Year anthology.)

Since I'm just now getting the itch to ramp up my edits and finish this damn book (can't start on the next until this is as good as it can be...that would be unprofessional, even if I REALLY want to start that next one like NOWNOWNOW!!!), I think I'll leave it at a simple question for you guys:

What has given you a shot in the arm (or a kick in the pants) lately?


Karen from Mentor said...

Great news Jake! congrats...if you need a first reader for the book, I love your stuff...would be happy to volunteer....

shot in the arm? couple of free lance gigs from my blog...(woo hoo)

kick in the pants?....I don't talk about that stuff in public...and it usually balances out eventually :0)

congrats again.
Karen :)

Jersey Jack said...

Big congrats, Jake. I'm as excited as you are about Spinetingler's relaunch. This is my first issue as Editor, and it's fun to see the stuff I found come to life.

Midnight on the Links is a doozy!

jnantz said...

I'm glad you liked the story. Thanks for the offer, but I have several family members who get to be first reader/checkers (my wife always gets first crack at telling me what needs fixing).

You are the man. I wish I could bottle the feeling when I got that first email from you (If I could, man we'd make some money, eh?). I think the issue looks and reads great, you guys did top notch work!

Karen from Mentor said...

I'm pretty sure that "telling husband what needs fixing" is in the manual of "what a wife's job is" rule 37, paragraph 4.


R.J. Mangahas said...

Congratulations again, Jake. Love your stuff by the way.

I would like to ask if at some point if you'd like to appear on my blog. I think it would be great to interview someone who is in the midst of their first book (as well as short stories). If you'd like to, feel free to e-mail me.

Then when you make it big, I can say that I had the honor of interviewing you "way back when." :)