Monday, April 20, 2009

Rescue of the Week - Winken ADOPTED

This little guy is Winken! Trust me when I say he is as adorable a pup as you will find.

As someone with a Plott Hound mix at home, I can tell you they make FABULOUS (if slightly strong-willed) pets. They are affectionate and at the same time GREAT guard dogs. Plotts are bred to pack-hunt bears, so a prowler should be no problem.

One thing though, Plotts will bark, and it is a sharp, LOUD warning bark. So if you live in an apartment complex, you may need to check with the front office. Then again, if you aren't a high-energy person, you may want to pass because these dogs need lots of exercise.

Still, they are fantastic companions. And Winken is as cute a little hound as there is anywhere. Come play with him and see!

***EDIT: Winken has been adopted!!!***

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