Friday, February 13, 2009

Comfort, where do you draw the line?

I know a lot of authors say they can write under some pretty extreme circumstances. Riding while the spouse drives, cramped up on a little hotel bed with the laptop or a pad and pen, circling Chicago on the El. I can write under some pretty rough circumstances if I feel the urge.

But not heat.

It's like going to sleep at night. I can be freezing and find a way to get to sleep, and I can write fairly well when I'm cold.

But heat? Not a chance.

See, all week in North Carolina we've had weather that's very spring-esque. That's great, except that our A/C at school hasn't been tripped. So instead, we get the heat running during the day. It's like 85 degrees in my classroom right now.

I can teach in that hot, humid level of sheer suckitude.

But I can't write. And it pisses me off, because my computer at home (where I would be editing) got all virused up, and I can't do anything at school because I'm pissed and miserable.

So what is the threshold for you? What is that one thing, that last straw that says, "nope, can't get it going because ________________"?


R.J. Mangahas said...

Jake --- may I suggest a small-portable fan? :)

I can understand about not being able to write when it's too hot. There's something about REALLY warm temperatures that makes me feel all slug-like.

jnantz said...

I had thought of that, and it's not a bad idea, but I have so much schoolwork on and around my desk that any fan that could effectively cool me off in this hot place would also wreak havoc with those papers.

Oh well. Damn hot again this morning, too. Ugh.

Austin Carr said...

TFA finds it impossible to write when naked women are dancing around him. Maybe he should stay out of these strip joints.

jnantz said...

...and bankroll you to go in instead, right Austin?