Friday, December 12, 2008

"Doc, I'll get enough sleep when I'm dead."

I've been told by several authors that one of the greatest compliments you can give them is to let them know their book cost you a night of sleep. Think about how much that must mean to them. The story and characters were so engaging that you literally couldn't put the book down.

Lately I've had a couple of those. I let Zoe Sharp know that her FIRST DROP had me dragging the next day. I emailed Michelle Gagnon to let her know my students could tell I hadn't slept a week because of BONEYARD. Though I haven't told him yet, Brett Battles owes my in-laws an apology, because I was a weary, miserable jackass for a wedding we attended because of THE CLEANER.

And Marcus Sakey? Yeah, my students would like to know why my handwriting is so tough to read on the work I gave back last week. I'm sending all of their complaints to you buddy. (If any of you haven't read THE BLADE ITSELF, you need to. Today. Now if possible.)

I can only hope my stories will one day do the same (and I'll gleefully apologize to anyone who has such a "complaint" about any of them).

So spill it. What books have cost you a night of repose? Which authors had you looking for an injection of adrenaline the next day to keep you awake at the wheel?

And, did you contact them to tell them? If not, you might want to think about that. It's been my experience that authors are very friendly and really cool when they find out their book was too good for you to put down. And why wouldn't you want to spread good feelings like that around?


Zoe Sharp said...

Hi Jake

Thank you ;-]

You're quite right. It's a real thrill to be told you kept a reader up all night, turning the pages.

And nothing's more disappointing to me, as a reader, than a book that's easy to put down.

Michelle Gagnon said...

Mwa-ha-ha, Jake. Clearly you have fallen victim to my evil plan. And I second what you said, every other book on that list is a must read. I was up late last night with "Rain Fall" by Barry Eisler, actually. I owe him an angry email...

jnantz said...

You are quite welcome, and thank you (both for stopping by and for a kick ass read)!

For me, it's frustrating to put a book down. Even that first one that made me think, "Geez, even I can do better than this", I still finished it. I just hate to give up on a book. That's why I'm always so glad (weary, but glad) when I find one I can't go to sleep without knowing.

jnantz said...

Ms. Gagnon,
Yup, you got me hook, line, and sinker. Thanks for stopping by to at least let me know it was all a cruel but ingenius ploy to derive me of sleep!

As for Mr. Eisler and RAIN FALL, well I hope you get to meet my second protag some day if you like John Rain. She haughtily assures me she could kick his ass, and I'm not stupid enough to disagree with her....