Monday, November 10, 2008

New Weekly Feature!!

Okay, while I want this blog to bring readers and other writers together, I also want it to do some other good. You may (or may not) have noticed that there is a distinctly non-writer link on the blog-roll to the left. It's for the Wake County SPCA.

My wife and I are HUGE believers in rescue pets. Both of our girls were rescues, one from the Harnett County shelter, and the other from the Wake SPCA.

I admit, I'm a dog lover, and I'm allergic to cats. Cats seem to know this, and seek me out whenever they can to nuzzle me and make me sneeze and get whelts and such. Still, I am an animal lover in general, so I will try to help the kitties out too.

Here's what I'm going to do:

We go by the shelter now and again, and play with the puppies and dogs for a little bit, because the dogs seem to like the attention. But we can't afford another one, so we always have to leave them (and we're heartbroken every time, trust me).

So, I'm going to post one lovable, tender, you-can't-possibly-ignore-this-face rescue pet each week, in the hopes that I can help people find that friend they may not even know they need. It's so much more humane than buying a puppy because they are already spayed or neutered and have already experienced being abandoned in some way. Giving them a loving home is one of the greatest things you can do for these wonderful and loving guys and gals.

So without further ado, this week's Rescue Pet of the Week is a two-fer:

For more information about Buttercup, call:SPCA of Wake County at (919) 772-2326 Ask for information about animal ID number A034646

At the shleter they have named her Buttercup. She is adorable! Her Buddy, Brutus, is also sweet as can be. They have a real bond, and would do better going home together. Here's Brutus:

For more information about Brutus, call:SPCA of Wake County at (919) 772-2326 Ask for information about animal ID number A035850

I don't care who you are, you spend some time in a room with those two lovable (and gentle) giants, your heart will melt.


Mary Stella said...

Hi, Jake. I found your blog via your comments on First Offenders. I'm a huge dog lover and commend you for helping your local shelter. Unfortunately, I can't adopt more dogs. I have two already. I fostered two puppies from our local shelter for a few days last summer. It taught me that it's difficult to give adequate attention to four young ones at the same time. It also almost broke my heart to give up the two foster kids. That won't stop me from fostering again if the shelter needs help.

Good job. I hope Buttercup and Brutus find good homes!

jnantz said...

Ms. Stella,
I'm so glad you stopped by. I'm a huge dog lover (like 'em more than people, in some cases), so I try to do what little I can to help the SPCA community. It's great that you fostered those two, because I'm sure it gave the shelter room for two more to get adopted in the interim. Way to go!

And hey, this is a blog for writers and readers, but even if what I normally have to say doesn't catch your attention, at least you can always swing by each week and see the great pix the local shelter has for their adoptables, right?

Kel-Bell said...


How sweet. Thats really cool you are doing some PR work for the pups.

I have two rescue dogs myself. They are mutts, but we call them our Kazikistan Falcon Flushing dogs, because the psyudo breed designation boosts their self esteem.

jnantz said...

Thanks for stopping by! Yeah, those two are really sweet, as are pretty much all of the SPCA dogs over there.

Our two girls are mutts too, but they prefer the term "mix" be added to the end of their primary breed. They're very particular about that.

Jane Smith said...

We have two dogs and four cats who all came from rescues; and for years we ran the UK's only peafowl rescue centre, and helped several hundred birds in that time.

I am amazed when people buy non-rescue animals: it seems so obviously wrong to me. But then, perhaps they haven't been down to the rescues and seen all the wonderful animals there.

jnantz said...

Ms. Smith,
Thanks for stopping by! That's awesome to hear how much you've worked to help rescue dogs. I have no idea if what I'm doing will help, but I hope so. I just think all rescue dogs deserve a chance at a loving home.

Mr. S said...

Mr. Nantz, I stumbled across this. With all sincerity, I support your efforts to find homes for these wonderful dogs. I had adopted two dogs from the shelter myself but we had to give them up. Believe me, I would get a dog or two if I could. Good luck

jnantz said...

Mr. S,
Well thank you. I can't imagine how tough it must have been to give yours up, but I'm glad you gave them a chance to find a home with another loving family. I hope circumstances find you in the future to be in a position where you can have a rescue pet, and I hope you find a rescue that will show you their appreciation and loyalty and love when that happens. Thanks for stopping by!